I believe that average can be extraordinary.


I'm halfway through this thing called life. I've climbed all the metaphorical mountains - I got good grades, got married, had a child, got promoted, got a house in the suburbs...

And still the striving never seems to end. I could be more beautiful, more wealthy, and more famous.

average is extraordinary

I want what I have to be enough.

Just as it is. 

I want this for you too.


My wish for you for the rest of your journey is:

  • To embrace your life with your own definitions of success.

  • To empower yourself and others through love and joy.

  • And to embark on new adventures because you want to not because you should.


You can create your best life, average really is extraordinary.

I'm a small town girl with a big heart and a curious mind.


I grew up in the middle of the Great Lakes region surrounded by the beauty of Ontario's water, the boreal forest, and people who were deeply connected to nature. I've carried this joy of "simple pleasures" to wherever I've found myself. I currently live in Calgary, AB with my spouse.

My big heart has taken me on a few journeys - from corporate work to non-profit, from entrepreneurship to social entrepreneurship, and from a bottom line (profit) focus to a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) focus. These journeys have helped me uncover my purpose and values and bring meaning to my work and life.

My curious mind has resulted in countless "careers". I have worked in biology, retail management, community foundations, business consulting, puzzle creation, organizing, event planning, carpentry, and more. Each opportunity has shaped my view of the world and sparked another journey into curiosity. Some of these curiosities have resulted in on-going projects. 

Currently, my curiosity is focused on my writing. I've written my memoir, a manifesto, and plenty of blogs

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