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Average is Extraordinary: How Your Life is Anything But Mediocre

My Manifesto E-Book

"What if we stopped measuring ourselves by the world’s yardstick? What if we pursued our own dreams and not the dreams we have been fed by this culture? What if we decided our lives are extraordinary just as they are?"

This manifesto is my reminder to stop striving for the world’s goals and dreams. It is filled with touchstones that are my mental prompts to end my feelings of lack and get on with living. It is my warning siren to cease resenting my average life. It can be yours, too.


The Touchstone Exploration Guide

The Average Is Extraordinary manifesto just didn't feel complete without a workbook just for you. The Touchstone Exploration Guide is a series of reflection questions for each and every manifesto touchstone. These questions allow you to get out your pen and notebook and really think about what each of these touchstones means to you. You deserve to take some time for yourself and reflect.